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new-born xxxxxxxxxxx has disappeared

From: Jeff Smith
Subject: new-born xxxxxxxxxxx has disappeared
Date: Tue, 24 May 2005 12:26:21 -0700 (PDT)

Does anybody know what is going on when I try to retrieve various tag releases of files and projects and I get the error:
cvs checkout: warning: new-born architecture/.project has disappeared
I did the command:
cvs co -r A1-1 architecture/.project
The deal is A1-1 does NOT exist, so I would expect to get the no such tag message with a non-zero return code.
I try various invalid tags from A1-1 to A1-8 and I get that same new-born warning.  Then all of a sudden A1-9 gives me the appropriate no such tag message.
Does anybody know what is going on with that?
The reason I'm doing these calls is because i have a build script and I want to do a simple call to see if a specified tag release exists, and if I get a non-zero return code back, then I know the person is trying to build an invalid tag release and I bail out of the script immediately.  This was going to work great until I noticed I was getting a 0 return code and that warning message for INVALID releases.
I've tried googling that error message without luck so far.  Thanks!
Jeff Smith

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