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RE: Retrieving dead files from the Attic

From: Deborah Comeau \(LCL\)
Subject: RE: Retrieving dead files from the Attic
Date: Thu, 26 May 2005 10:27:50 -0400


I am also interested in the best way to retrieve dead files. We have had
several files and some directories deleted properly through CVS. We are
working only on the head (no branches or tags yet, as it is a new
project). I have run a few unix commands to determine which files were
removed, (removed by one person on May 18th), but do not have the latest
revision numbers. What is the best/proper way to retrieve these files
from the Attic?

Deb Comeau

Here's another question I have on the same topic:

If a file is removed from CVS properly (by rm, cvs rm, cvs ci), what
gets committed to the Attic exactly? Both the file and its sister
comapnion file,v or just the latter?  I've noticed that I only get to
see the latter version under all my Attic subfolders, if this is the
case then I'm good but the original file needs to be visible in the
Attic too along with its file,v, then our developers have not been
properly deleting or removing files from cvs and we're in trouble.

I still have not managed to retrieve my lost files from the Attic,
executing the 3 commands I listed.  They simply don't work and retrieve
new files with zero or empty cotent.  Help!


----Original Message Follows----
From: "S I" <address@hidden>

No, it was committed to the Attic in the subfolder where the file was
deleted.  I'm now on the repository and see this file in the Attic.  
However, I'm not sure whether to retrieve from the server side or my
desktop/client side?  The 3 steps I posted seem to be done from the
client side?  Am I on the right track?  Thanks.

From: Russ Sherk <address@hidden>

Did you commit the file to the Attic? i.e. cvs ci
myRepoPath/Attic/myFile.txt Or did you commit to a branch but not to
main trunk (or vice-a-versa)?

If the second is the case, then you can just merge the file from the
branch to the main trunk:
cvs co myRepoPath/
cvs up -j branch_name myRepoPath/myFile.txt

(Note the lack of Attic in the path)


On 5/25/05, S I <address@hidden> wrote:
 > We're running the cvs Repo on a linux box with no shell access to
users  > who're on the WinXP client side, except myself as the Admin.
 > A user accidentally committed files to the Attic and we need to
retrieve  > them.  I've committed files to the attic many times before
but we never had  > the need to retrieve.  I myself access the Repo via
WinXP Dos prompt, as a  > client too to do my work and never login to
shell except to create new users  > or do maintenance, etc.
 > Can I retrieve the dead files from winxp client side by being in my
working  > copy's specific folder where the file was deleted, like so:
 > cvs -Q update -p -r (revision) foo.jpg > foo.jpg  >  > cvs add -kb
foo.jpg (only if binary)  >  > cvs ci -m "Resurrecting the Dead!"
foo.jpg  >  > If this has to be done on the unix side, do I have create
a working copy in  > my $home$ folder?  I need specifics please.  Your
help is very much  > appreciated.  Thank you.
 > Steven

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