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Re: permissions question

From: Saurabh Bhandari
Subject: Re: permissions question
Date: Thu, 26 May 2005 15:14:07 -0700

chmod 2775 dirname

<address@hidden> wrote in message
> Hello all:
> I am managing an unusual situation where we need to have several
> developers working on the same directory tree.  Essentially I am using
> CVS as a logging mechanism, and to track revisions, but the software
> in question will only work in one place (don't ask).
> The problem is that each time I check something in, CVS changes the
> file's permissions to 755, so that my teammates can't change it.
> How do you control this behavior?
> I believe this behavior is also responsible for occasional "up-to-date
> check failed" messages.  Since there is only one developer tree, there
> are no other versions of these files to change.  These messages, I
> assume, are also caused by an owner or permission mismatch.
> Any advice?
> Many thanks,
> -tom
>  ------------------------
>  tomfool at as220 dot org

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