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Restore an old version and save it as the new one

From: Fritz Bayer
Subject: Restore an old version and save it as the new one
Date: 31 May 2005 01:32:53 -0700


I have a set of html files on which I worked. I have comitted those
alltogether from time to time.

I have reached version 1.6 and I would like to restore version 1.3 for
all files and store those under version 1.7.

I did a

cvs update -C -r 1.3

which gave me the old html files.

But now I don't know how to commit them. When I try then of course
nothing happens because they are not compared with the version 1.6 but
with 1.3.

I tried to force a commit with "-f" but that did not help either.

How can I save those files to the repository as version 1.7?

I would also like to know, what I would have to do, if the versions
would differ slighty on the files. For example if not all of them
would be version 1.6.

I guess then I would have to update using a date and then try to play
them back in as the next higher version of the most current one?!

can somebody clearify this?


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