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RE: On the Utility of Update -A

From: Rod Macpherson
Subject: RE: On the Utility of Update -A
Date: Tue, 31 May 2005 14:57:28 -0700

>> It [Update -A] also reverts any local -k options back to the
repository defaults.

Good thing to know given it quietly does that in addition to merging
HEAD of trunk with your workspace. 

>> I don't see what's dangerous or confusing about it, it's a quick way
throw away any local configuration and get back to a "normal" working

To a person we use the repository configuration so reverting
configurations back to "normal" is not an issue nor is anybody tinkering
with config files without knowing what they are changing. 

What I find dangerous is that you could update -A and later commit
without realizing you just added branch changes to the trunk. You could
operate for days before the problem was realized.  

What I find confusing is that it quietly carries out three tasks that we
never use individually let alone together. Granted that's specific to
our selected strategy. 

Thanks for the additional insight. 

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