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Simple sed scripts

From: Tim Allen
Subject: Simple sed scripts
Date: Fri, 1 Jul 2005 08:29:14 +0100

Here's a couple of sed scripts I find useful. Quoting is for Windows command
processor (Cygwin sed):

cvsstat.bat: Less cryptic than cvs -n update:

@rem Display CVS status of files in working directory
@cvs -q status |sed -e "/^File:.*Status:/!d;s/File: //;s/Status: //"

cvsver.bat: Useful for producing list of files and versions for pasting into
release documentation:

@rem Display CVS versions of files in working directory
@cvs -q status |sed -e "/File:.*Status:\|Working revision:/!d;s/File:
//;s/\tStatus:.*//" |sed -e "$!N;s/\n//" -e "s/   Working revision://"

(3 spaces before last "Working revision")


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