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RE: Don't commit during tagging

From: S I
Subject: RE: Don't commit during tagging
Date: Sun, 03 Jul 2005 13:26:29 -0700

Needn't worry about that. CVS tags the matching copies of the revisions in your working folder only. In other words, if you just did a checkout of (rev 1.6) and a developer shortly after, committed a new rev 1.7, your build and compile are based on 1.6 and when you tag cvs/respository/ have only tagged rev 1.6 (e.g. release_build_1.2.139) and 1.7 is not of your concern. And when you do a checkout base on release_build_1.2.139 in the future, you'd always get rev 1.6 of

To ensure proper tagging I always work with a clean & fresh working folder. Delete your local project and do a fresh checkout. You can now tag this pristine working folder, however, if your build does not compile or the Mainline's in a broken state (it does happen, you know?), then you've just wasted a tag.

I always tag after, only because I have to modify couple of files and commit them during or after the build. Historically most folks or build/release engineers tag after they've made sure they have a clean build. But everyone does it differently based on their needs.

AlwaysSo it doesn't matter whether you t

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Subject: Don't commit during tagging
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Hey Folks!

We are using cvs in an enterprise web-application development project.

My task is the build and deployment of the new releases.

The build will be making every week. Before I start the process I tag all
the modules I need and then check out the modules with this tag.

The tagging process needs time because some modules are very big.

The question is, how can I be sure that during my tagging operation, no
developer is committing some new stuff to the modules?

Thanks for your help!

So long!


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