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Re: How can I administratively "freeze" a branch?

From: Jim Hyslop
Subject: Re: How can I administratively "freeze" a branch?
Date: Thu, 07 Jul 2005 12:38:17 -0400
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address@hidden wrote:
Why not just "cvs rm" all the files from it, so they no longer exist at the head of the branch? People would have to accidentally checkout old revisions before they could accidentally commit to it; that's pretty improbable I think.

  The problem is that files from old branch still exist in
HEAD (in fact, what we did was to commit the branched files
to HEAD).
I don't understand your objection.

'cvs remove' on a branch will declare the tip of the branch dead, thereby preventing anyone from checking anything into the branch. It's exactly what you want to do.


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