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newbie CVSROOT/passwd questions

From: Huaer XC
Subject: newbie CVSROOT/passwd questions
Date: Sun, 10 Jul 2005 08:56:27 -0400

Dear CVS users:

I am a pretty newbie in cvs admin, could someone take a little time to
guide me through the following problems:

1) In file "CVSROOT/passwd", If I define:
where "huaer" is not a system userID. Now I want to communicate
between the repository and sandbox with SSH, what info I should use in
the "-d CVSROOT"? i.e.
  cvs -d :ext:cvs@<server>:/home/CVSROOT co cm
If I use username:"cvs", and its password to access to the repository,
how can I know it is the user "huaer" instead of other people did this
checkout??? I mean when we shall use these info in the

2) How to generate the second field<pswd>? Is there any command or
softwares available under Linux?

3) what's the difference between pserver and SSH on using the file

Many thanks..


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