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Status of CVS on OpenVMS

From: Andreas Lalloo
Subject: Status of CVS on OpenVMS
Date: Mon, 11 Jul 2005 16:34:04 +0200

Hello list!
What is the status regarding support for OpenVMS on client side
(pserver)? We are running a software shop where we have a range of old
VMS systems where we basically build source (development mostly done on
other platforms), with VMS versions ranging from 6.2 to 8.2 (alpha and
itanium). We even run VAX hardware. 
For the newer platforms (7.1 and later) we've run a slightly modified
version of 1.11.1p1. I am not sure what the modifications are, but I'm
told some pipe functionality was modified to get it working on 6.X
systems and those modifications were used on 7.x as well, even if they
_might_ be unnecessary. 
I am curious if there are other users of CVS on OpenVMS, which versions
they run and if I can get latest source for the 1.11 branch at least and
compile them out-of-the-box on OpenVMS 7.X or later? 
Best regards

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