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Re: Locking CVS

From: Mark D. Baushke
Subject: Re: Locking CVS
Date: Mon, 11 Jul 2005 09:44:48 -0700

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S I <address@hidden> writes:

> Thank you. I'm not sure what /bin/test represents? To be replaced with
> the path to my proj?

It represents the /bin/test (see 'man test' on your GNU/Linux box for
more details) command to compare the output of the `id -u` command with
the numeric value of your own id. Otherwise you would never be able to
undo the change to the CVSROOT/commitinfo script and it would be locked

The ALL means that all possible modules will run this test during the
commit phase.

The ":" command will accept any argument and always return true. This
will stop any warnings that cvs 1.12.x might want to give you for using
the older style format string defaults.

As always, it is recommened that you run tests on a repository other
than your main repository to be sure you understand how things work.

        -- Mark

>mdb wrote:
>> For cvs 1.11.x
>> ALL /bin/test `id -u` = 12345
>> For cvs 1.12.x you might want to use
>> ALL /bin/test `id -u` = 12345 && : %r/%p %s
>> This should return a non-zero error code for anyone other than the user
>> with the uid 12345 which we would presume you would use your own userid
>> and that you would be accessing the repository outside of the :pserver:
>> method or have arranged for your :pserver: usage to use your real userid
>> rather than masking it with the system userid.
>> Other methods exist for just locking a single branch (such as the main
>> trunk) using something like the contrib/cvs_acls file that comes with
>> recent cvs distributions.
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