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cvs branch version

From: Mei-Xing Zhao
Subject: cvs branch version
Date: Tue, 12 Jul 2005 17:10:59 -0700
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I used 'cvs tag' to add a file to a branch. I then used 'cvs commit -r... ' to check in a new version. It normally creates a subversion from the version initially tagged. For example, I tag file 'A' version 1.1 with "release-patch". It creates a version for the tag. When I check in a new version to the branch, it creates a version But this time, I did not see any output from the command line after I entered the comments in vi. When I did a 'cvs log', I did not see any subversion created.

If I do a 'cvs status' on the file, the sticky tag shows :
Sticky Tag:          release-patche (branch: 1.1.2)

But I cannot see this revision with 'cvs log'. Can anyone explain what happened?


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