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Re: Smart CVS

From: Liquidchild
Subject: Re: Smart CVS
Date: 13 Jul 2005 02:41:40 -0700
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The reason i am using locks is because the files are XML, and as far as
i know when CVS trys to merge XML it can result in invalid XML.  I do
however remember on previous uses of CVS the option to check stuff out
as read only. However I cannot find that option now, this option was on
the WinCvs client I am sure.

Do i require to do some sort of configuration on the Cvs Server to
allow the locking of files?  I have read the above manual, well
actually the manual for 1.11.17, as this is what I am using, it just
seems to describe the difference between reserved and normal edits.

I have been able to check out the repository but then had to manually
tell it to unedit all the files, so they appeared as locked.  Then when
i commit a change to a file it just leaves it as editable, were in
previous use of cvs it would go back to being uneditable, i.e read

Does anyone know if i need to do something else that I may have not

Thanks all for the extended help


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