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problem with the Tortoise ssh -pw password option

From: Ed
Subject: problem with the Tortoise ssh -pw password option
Date: 13 Jul 2005 19:00:09 -0700
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I know this is an insecure method, but I'm going crazy typing in my
password every 2 seconds, and the pageant, puttygen, option keeps
referring to Sourceforge example. The other examples I found didn't
work for setting up public keys on the cvs server I'm using. but anyway

So, it's bad when the 'lazy man's' alternative also craps out.

My setup is:

Tortoise 1.8.17
Tools > ssh params > -l "%u" "%h" -pw mycvspassword

The reponse is an alert box:

PuTTY Fatal Error
Unable to authenticate

Any ideas?



"Too lazy to do all this? There is an alternative solution, which is
insecure as it keeps your password in plaintext on your machine. Go to
TortoiseCVS Preferences -> SSH -> SSH parameters and set the value to
-pw password."

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