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CVS server access

From: John Smith
Subject: CVS server access
Date: Sun, 17 Jul 2005 00:49:49 -0400


I recently configured my CVS server (Fedora Core 4) with ssh access
using public/private keys and with password authentication disabled.

I am able to access the server in one of two ways:

(1) ssh access

So, for every CVS command, there is a ssh authetication.

(2) pserver tunneled through ssh

For this, I am transfering the pserver port to my local machine using the
method described here
So, there is only one ssh authentication and pserver is tunneled through 
My cvspserver service uses system authentication (so, I do not have a
password file in cvsroot).

Question: is there an overwhelming reason to use one over the other?

My thoughts are that (1) is more secure but more resource intensive (on the
server). With (2) I am running the risk of sending a clear text password
through the tunnel (is that correct?).

Your opinion?


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