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Re: Subversion

From: S I
Subject: Re: Subversion
Date: Mon, 18 Jul 2005 14:43:08 -0700


Thank you for your feedback. I'm definitely vying for CVS myself, however, couple of subversive folks in our company have just heard the hype and hoopla about Subversion and trying to sway my vote too. I read the user reviews at the bottom of Subversion homepage and they were not good overall. So I'm very hesitant now, especially that you mention server stability issues with Subversion. Not to mention Subversion is only @ version 1. If I ever switch, I'd rather wait it out couple of versions.

Speaking of versions, when is CVS going to give us major features like Clearcase, Perforce, or Subversions: Directory versioning, renaming, etc?


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Hi Steve -

We our in the course of producing a Subversion Replicator just like our
CVS Replicator. Talking with Subversion admins and users we do come
across one issue regularly   - transaction deadlocks - with Berkeley db

Some admins routinely restart the Subversion server when they encounter
it. Most of the time that is enough to fix the issue. Seems to us that
they need to work out the stability part more.

There is dependence of Berkeley db if you want any transactional
support. File system backend will not provide you that. You can search
for issues with Berkeley db. On SMP boxes issues with deadlocks and
concurrency control have been around for a while. SVN with Bdb backend
inherits all that.

Also these days most IDEs (Eclipse, WebSphere, Ideaj etc) have CVS
support built-in. There are far more 3rd party tools and plug-ins for
CVS just by it being there longer.

Rahul Bhargava
CTO, WANdisco,

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