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Help with tagging

From: S I
Subject: Help with tagging
Date: Mon, 18 Jul 2005 14:53:43 -0700


I'm not sure what approach to take on this: I labeled or tagged the mainline on Friday for our release. Today I branched off successfully. However I found out that a file on Friday between my tagging and releasing had missed few revisions. i.e. the specific file on the mainline was at revision 1.368 when I tagged the tree but apparently there were couple of more checkins between my tagging and today's branching and the file on the mainline now is at revision 1.375. I need to bring revision 1.375 from mainline to the branch which currently has 1.368.

I thought the sneakiest solution would be to get the latest from Main (1.375) and bring it into my working copy of the branch and just check it in which will bring the branch now to 1.369 since it'll be just like as though somebody manually edited the file and checked it in. The developers are ok with this method but for my own peace of mind...does this method leave any history?


Should I force the tag on the file on the Mainline and then force the branch on it? Is this even possible? How? And if so, is this a better method? Please give me an example.

Thank you


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