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Permissions for different modules within the same CVS repository

From: Michaelis, Daniel
Subject: Permissions for different modules within the same CVS repository
Date: Thu, 21 Jul 2005 09:32:32 -0400

We have a need to check in different application modules within our single CVS repository, where the different modules are different sub-sections of our product.  It would be wonderful if different groups could have different permissions for the varying modules.. For example:


Module1:  Group1 has read/write, Group2 and Group3 have read, Group4 has no permissions (not even read)

Module2:  Group1 and Group 2 have read/write, Group3 and 4 have no permissions

Module3:  Group1 Group2, and Group3 have no permissions, Group4 has read/write permission


Given that we're running the repository on a Unix box, do we do this through permissions groups at the O/S level (all files owned by the CVS user, differing groups have permissions to the different module directories), or is there a facility within CVS itself that is better suited for this?




Dan Michaelis


Database Administrator/Developer


351 West Camden Street

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Baltimore, MD 21201


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