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Problem with Author Label

From: Rondal Ellifritt
Subject: Problem with Author Label
Date: Fri, 22 Jul 2005 08:01:23 -0400

Since my last message, I have managed to get all of our source code
placed under version control. We're still going through a few pains,
in that we're finding files that are versioned that really shouldn't
be (because they're created by the process, not by a human) and a few
that should be that aren't (e.g., config files that live in their
executable's bin directory). But, all in all, things have progressed
nicely, and I've even got most of the team convinced that version
control is a good thing.  :-)

However, this is an incremental process, and there are still a few
glitches. One is that, when code changes are committed, the 'author'
label on the revision is always being set to me. I suspect this is in
part a consequence of the fact that everyone is using the same unix
login. (Yes, I know this is a really bad idea, and I'll eventually get
people to change that behavior. But this is currently a constraint on
the problem, so please don't try to "solve" it by telling me to change
the constraints.) We're using different CVS logins, and we're using
the 'cvs login' command with our own cvs id's, so I expected the
'author' label to be picked up from the cvs login id. (I know it's not
being picked up from the unix login id, because the production login
that we're using doesn't have a cvs login id.)

I am also the one who created the repository (i.e., ran 'cvs init')
and ran all the initial 'cvs import' commands on all our projects, so
that could also have something to do with it. An 'ls -l' shows me as
the owner of all files and directories in the repository, including
the CVSROOT directory and all of its contents.

Anyone have any ideas as to what's causing this, or, better yet,
suggestions as to how to fix it?

Requisite Version Info: We're using cvs version 1.11.17, and no, we
can't upgrade.


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