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Re: Avoiding \040 in filenames within keywords

From: Ed J
Subject: Re: Avoiding \040 in filenames within keywords
Date: Fri, 22 Jul 2005 06:59:46 -0700

I didn't get any answers to my original question, so I'm following it up

I've since read that \040 is used for spaces to keep the keyword string
"well formed" for the benefit of keyword search tools.  It appears that
dollar signs will also be replaced.  However, I don't need "well formed"
keyword strings at the client side.

Can I hook a script into CVS somewhere to filter a file coming out of CVS on
its way to the client?  Where would I put the hook?.

Ed J

"Ed J" <address@hidden> wrote in message
> Is there any way to stop keyword substitution from putting "\040" in place
> of ASCII spaces in filenames within keywords? This happens in filenames of
> the $Id:$, $Source:$, and $Header:$ keywords.
> I would like the filenames to be more readable (i.e., as they appear in
> file system).
> Using cvs 1.11.17 on Linux server, with TortoiseCVS 1.8.17
> Ed J

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