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Re: CVS Mail Newbie quaestion

From: Ed J
Subject: Re: CVS Mail Newbie quaestion
Date: Fri, 22 Jul 2005 07:15:40 -0700

Look on  For emailing, I use two perl
scripts I found there.

The first script is doLog.  It's the hook to send an email.  You can control
who gets emailed on a directory-by-directory basis.  CVS will call it once
for each directory in which you've made commits.  Unfortunately, you get a
kind of spamming effect when you commit from multiple directories at once.

That problem is solved by the second script, accumMail.  It will defer and
accumulate emails generated by doLog.  As a result, a commit within multiple
directories will produce just one email with all the commit information,
delayed by a time you can control.

Ed J

"Vijay Mishra" <address@hidden> wrote in message
> Dear All,
> I have just finished setting up of CVS on my Linux box. I am pretty much
> to CVS and just wondering can I setup email alerts for all my developers
> soon as someone commit changes on CVS?
> I have searched the google but can't find a good article on that.
> Any sort of help will be highly appreciated.
> Best Regards
> Vijay Mishra

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