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Re: Problem with Author Label

From: Rondal Ellifritt
Subject: Re: Problem with Author Label
Date: Sat, 23 Jul 2005 19:13:37 -0400

Thanks, Larry. I may well be suffering from many misconceptions,
common or otherwise, but that one doesn't explain my problem. We are,
in fact, all using different CVSROOT variables. (We get to the unix
environment using Exceed from a Windows environment, and we set a MYID
variable as part of the Exceed login script. We then use that in
.cshrc to set CVSROOT properly.)

Any other ideas?


On 7/22/05, Larry Jones <address@hidden> wrote:
> Rondal Ellifritt writes:
> >
> > However, this is an incremental process, and there are still a few
> > glitches. One is that, when code changes are committed, the 'author'
> > label on the revision is always being set to me. I suspect this is in
> > part a consequence of the fact that everyone is using the same unix
> > login. (Yes, I know this is a really bad idea, and I'll eventually get
> > people to change that behavior. But this is currently a constraint on
> > the problem, so please don't try to "solve" it by telling me to change
> > the constraints.) We're using different CVS logins, and we're using
> > the 'cvs login' command with our own cvs id's, so I expected the
> > 'author' label to be picked up from the cvs login id. (I know it's not
> > being picked up from the unix login id, because the production login
> > that we're using doesn't have a cvs login id.)
> You seem to be suffering from a common misconception.  The CVS login
> command just records the password for the current CVSROOT setting, it
> does not have any effect on what user subsequent CVS operations will be
> done as.  The user for a particular CVS command comes from the CVSROOT
> setting for the affected directory.  The CVSROOT for a particular
> directory is the one specified by the global -d option on the command
> line, if any; failing that, it's the one recorded in the CVS/Root file,
> if any; or, as a last resort, the one specified by the $CVSROOT
> environment variable.
> If you're all using the same Unix login, you're probably all using the
> same working directory, which means it's going to be inconvenient to get
> things to work the way you want -- you'll have to always specify CVSROOT
> on the command line.
> -Larry Jones
> Like I'm going to get any sleep NOW. -- Calvin

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