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Re: Problem with losing watches.

From: Boomhauer
Subject: Re: Problem with losing watches.
Date: 25 Jul 2005 09:24:52 -0700
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I have run into this same problem in the past few weeks.  It is a
documented bug with CVS
(  From what I can
tell the problem occurs anytime you have a module checked out with
files reserved for editing.  If you then do a second checkout of the
same module to a different sandbox your watch entries in CVS/fileattr
are erased.  The watch entries for other users do not appear to be
erased.  This is particularly troublesome for repositories that contain
unmergeable binary files.

A patch was posted back in April on the gnu.cvs.bug group, but as far
as I can tell no one is working on getting it into a stable release of
CVS.  I posted a query to gnu.cvs.bug about this a few weeks ago, but
so far no one has responded.

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