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Somewhat urgent help with CVS tagging please!

From: S I
Subject: Somewhat urgent help with CVS tagging please!
Date: Mon, 25 Jul 2005 19:34:08 -0700

Over this past weekend my automated builds totally screwed up tagging CVS' MAINLINE and skipping an entire folder (widgets) with about 50 subfolders in it due to Operator error: That's me! :(

What happend is that I had left a DOS box (in my WinXP desktop) opened & pointing to a specific subfolder within its parent folder (widgets). Which prevented Anthill from deleting the whole widgets folder. As a result skipping & tagging widgets & all its subfolders. But he grand-parent folder and all other subfolders under it got built and tagged, except the widgets folder.

What I don't understand:

1. Is that I don't see any complaint in my log files yet; haven't checked the Tomcat logs yet.

2. If Anthill, or windows services, or Tomcat were stalled & waiting for this folder to be deleted, shouldn't they have stopped completely and have sent a "Build Failure" email?

3. Becuase the DOS box was left open all weekend long, naturally, the same tagging problem propagated into 3 successive builds.

I can't think of anything else having cause this behavior. Any ideas? Any solution or quick fix ideas for me how to retag the missing dirs or should I declare the 3 builds as not good?



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