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RE: Problem with Author Label

From: Arthur Barrett
Subject: RE: Problem with Author Label
Date: Tue, 26 Jul 2005 18:48:22 +1000


>Right.  But you really need to change the way you work so that you
>sharing working directories.

CVS is designed as a Distributed Unreserved solution to version control
- which is a verbose way of saying that people are not supposed to share
a working directory because the working directory is supposed to be on a
local drive (in windows terms anyway).

In CVSNT (free GPL just like CVS, Unix/Linux/Windows/Mac) we have been
gradually trying to expand the number of methodologies that CVSNT can
support, including centralised and reserved.

If you use CVSNT then you can checkout without a username and the
username is populated at each action.  Eg:
Cvs -d :pserver:myserver:/myrepo

Now when user "fred" does a commit it will be done as fred, and when
"mary" does a commit as mary...  I don't *think* cvs supports this, but
Larry can confirm I'm sure.

Also I *think* that this is a client side issue, so in theory you can
use CVSNT client and keep your current CVS server, re-create your
sandbox without a username and you are away.

The CVSNT open source project may be contacted via the newsgroup:



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