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RE: Multiple LocalKeywords

From: Arthur Barrett
Subject: RE: Multiple LocalKeywords
Date: Mon, 1 Aug 2005 09:37:42 +1000


CVSNT has recently added definable keywords, this may be more what you
are looking for.

CVSNT is free/GPL (just like CVS) and runs on Windows/Unix/Linux/Mac

You will need a testing release (eg: to try this feature.

The only documentation is in the Keywords administrative file:

# The "keywords" file is used to modify the standard set of RCS keywords
# or define entirely new ones.
# The first entry on a line is a regular expression which is tested
# against the directory that the change is being made to, relative to
# $CVSROOT.  Subsequent lines contain keyword definitions, indented by a
# to separate them from module definitions
# If the repository name does not match any of the definitions in this
# file, the "ALL" section is used, if it is specified.
# Any keyword with an empty definition is ignored.  This can be used to
# disable individual RCS keywords.
# The default defintions are:
#  Author    %a
#  Date      %d
#  Header    %r/%p/%f %v %d %a %s %l
#  CVSHeader %p/%f %v %d %a %s %l
#  Id        %f %v %d %a %s %l
#  Locker    %l
#  Log            %f
#  Name      %N
#  RCSfile   %f
#  Revision  %v
#  Source    %r/%p/%f
#  State     %s
#  CommitId  %C

I believe the latest release also has a new keyword:
   Branch %t

The CVSNT newsgroup can be contacted here:


Arthur Barrett

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Subject: Multiple LocalKeywords

I thought I would revisit this again as I felt it wasn't resolved the
way I would like it. I have one CVS repository, but I would like to set
a LocalKeyword for each project. I have just fetched the latest CVS to

However, it seems that LocalKeyword will only handle one, per
repository. In that if I specify it multiple times, only the last
mentioned takes effect.

I do not believe I can use "loginfo" style syntax to test which project
the commit is for based on the path either.

Short of always updating "config" before I check in a particular
project, there is no way to automatically handle multiple LocalKeywords



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