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Installing configuring 1.12.12 on CentOS 4.1

From: Simon Renshaw
Subject: Installing configuring 1.12.12 on CentOS 4.1
Date: Tue, 02 Aug 2005 13:52:22 -0400


First off, I have some experiences with Linux but I'm still basically a noob.

I recently installed CentOS 4.1 on a test server (Pentium 4). I noticed that 
CVS 1.11.17 (which I removed) is included with the distro.

I want to install 1.12.12.

I downloaded cvs-1.12.12.tar.gz. Is that the file I need?

I've read the README and INSTALL files. Not sure I fully understand what I 
need to do.

Could use some step-by-step help :)

If I got everything right, I need to do:

1- ./configure
2- make
3- make install

Thanks for the help,

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