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Re: Bug fixing and CVS tagging

From: Mateusz [PEYN] Adamus
Subject: Re: Bug fixing and CVS tagging
Date: Wed, 03 Aug 2005 08:42:49 +0200
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Pierre Asselin napisaƂ(a):
Yes, if you want to ship updates that fix only a subset of the
known bugs.  Or if your fix is so hasty that you may want to back
it out and do it over.  In either case, you could fix each bug in
its own branch, either a subbranch of the release branch, or a co-branch
rooted at the same point as the release branch itself.  I don't think
its worth the effort, though.

Lately I read a book about CVS "Pragmatic Version Control" by David Thomas and Abdrew Hunt and it was said in that book not to use to many branches, not to complicate to much. So how many branches is to much? (I'm talking about recurent branches ofcourse).

If you run a team you have to be a little careful about others
committing stuff while you're doing this.  Post again if you
need details --but it seems you're working solo ?

I'm working with 4 other guys. It's a small company. We're all sitting in one room so we can talk to each other. Although, we are trying not to distract one another to often

best regards
Mateusz [PEYN] Adamus

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