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RE: What goes into the main CVS distro <-- cvsstat

From: Matt Doar
Subject: RE: What goes into the main CVS distro <-- cvsstat
Date: Thu, 4 Aug 2005 15:57:10 -0700

First read the HACKING file in the CVS source tree.

The contrib directory seems to be for this kind of stuff. I'd like to see the 
cvs2cl Perl script go in there too. I'd guess that you'd need documentation and 
unit tests integrated with the rest of CVS, just like any other patch, along 
with a willingness to maintain it in the distribution.


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Sent: Thursday, August 04, 2005 2:59 PM
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Subject: What goes into the main CVS distro <-- cvsstat

Hey all

For many years I have been maintaining some CVS utilites; cvsstat, 
cvs2html, and cvschk - where cvsstat is by far the most cool program 

I use cvsstat many times every day (done so for many years) to show the 
status of all of my files against the repository versions - so I know 
which files should be updated and which ones I have changed etc (with 
support for .cvsignore). I have tested it rather well :)

The stuff can be found at

Would I be possible to get this into the standard CVS package?
Who decides this?

Best regards

Peter Toft, Ph.D. address@hidden

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