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re: mechanisms for reviews needed

From: Andy Jones
Subject: re: mechanisms for reviews needed
Date: Fri, 5 Aug 2005 12:22:43 +0100

> I am simply asking for an (optional) review step to prevent the
> repository being poluted with crap code.

Okay, but that isn't what the repository is. The repository, by
definition, has to contain +all+ the code the developers have finished

Maybe it would be useful to change the repository so it was "all the
code the developers have finished coding, that isn't crap" [pardon my
simplification] - but that would make CVS a +much+ more complicated
product.  Which in my view is not a good move.

By it's very nature the repository +will+ contain crap code; unfixed
bugs; dead-end development paths; etc.  That's exactly the point of
having a repository.  It stores everything.  Because you don't know
what you might need to back out to at a later date.

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