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Re: problem in running C#(.Net Application) files after checkout(second

From: ankush grover
Subject: Re: problem in running C#(.Net Application) files after checkout(second time post)
Date: Sat, 6 Aug 2005 19:06:44 +0530

On 8/5/05, Russ Sherk <address@hidden> wrote:
> On 8/5/05, ankush grover <address@hidden> wrote:
> > hey friends,
> >
> >  Just today my company  started using CVS on FC3.The version of FC3 is
> > "cvs-1.11.17-6.FC3"
> >
> > I  have created 1 repository for each team.There are 3 teams in my
> > company.The problem we are facing is that one of the team is working
> > on  .Net Environment  C#(C Sharp).
> > The client we are using is Wincvs(latest version available on their
> > site) on Windows XP Pro SP2 with cvs on FC3.
> >
> > While importing a module it showed a dialog box  "Import Filter" with
> > some errors in it like
> >         "File has some escape characters 0x00-0x20. "
> >          Type *.cs   Entry Kind  --- Text
> >           Type  *.resources     Entry Kind --Binary.
> >
> > I did not change anything on first attemtp means I did not edited the
> > type to change the option from binary to forced text or to any other
> > type
> >
> > Next time I  choose the option "Forced Text" in Import Filter except on
> > "File has some escape characters 0x00-0x20" which did not allowed me
> > to change the type.
> >
> In winCVS when checking out, on the globals tab, check or uncheck:
> 'Checkout file using unix LF (oxa)'.  This may help.  If you open the
> checked out file in VS does it look to have extra line spacing?
> If the above works and you have just created this repository, it might
> be best to re-import the module taking care to set the correct -k flag
> so as not to have the CR/LF chars mangled.  Anyone know how to do
> this?
> >

I tried the samething with tortoise cvs and it is working fine.There
were some errors for xml file then I change the type for xml to
Text/Ascii ,now there is no problem with tortoise cvs.May be problem
is with Wincvs only.

Thanks for your reply.

Thanks & Regards

Ankush Grover

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