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Re: CVS : create a module from an already existing module

From: Thomas Lavergne
Subject: Re: CVS : create a module from an already existing module
Date: Thu, 11 Aug 2005 10:25:34 +0200
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Pierre Asselin wrote:

Thomas Lavergne <address@hidden> wrote:

I have a sub-directory (called sub1) in my current development module (dev1). I would like now to create a new module (dev2) but which uses the source codes in sub1. Thus, I would like to use an "ampersand" module as for sub1 and have it checkout'd/commited by both dev1 and dev2 as needed.

Could you please explain me what should I do to:
1) create a new module (called sub1) in my repository, this module should contain the source files which are now in the directory sub1 (keeping their history)

Just add an entry in your CVSROOT/modules file to identify dev1/sub1/
as a module in its own right.

   dev1        path/to/dev1
   sub1        path/to/dev1/sub1

Now you can do a "cvs checkout sub1" and get just the subtree
(but that probably isn't useful by itself).

2) "remove" the directory sub1 from the dev1 module

No need.

3) "add" the dependency between dev1 and the new sub1 and also between dev2 and the new sub1

Just add a definition of dev2, with sub1 as an amperstand module.

   dev1        path/to/dev1
   sub1        path/to/dev1/sub1
   dev2        path/to/dev2       &sub1

Thank you, it worked allright. I had not yet realized that any directory under CVSROOT was a module (not just the top level ones). However, I have now an issue with previous realeases/branches of dev1: since I created the sub1 sub-dir, it always comes checked-out even if I checkout a release or branch of dev1 were sub1 was not existing. Is there a work-around? I would like CVS to recall that prior to tag XX, there was no subdir named sub1.

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