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Re: cvs pserver cmds have become slow on AIX

From: stephen peterson
Subject: Re: cvs pserver cmds have become slow on AIX
Date: 12 Aug 2005 13:29:01 -0700
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Wayne thanks for the suggestions.  Re item 1: not sure how to check for
DNS/WINS timeout - would this be strictly a windows thing?  I am using
windows xp.  But I do get the same delay when running the client on AIX
as well - so that would rule out a WINS issue, right?

On item 2, I use ssh alone, not within a cvs command, and I connect in
one second or less - no problems there.

In my inetd.conf file it envokes the server with the cmdline
'cvs --allow-root=/<repository-path> pserver'
per the cederquist guide.  So I figure that pserver protocol is still
used even though I specify :ext: in place of :pserver: in client cmds.

Are there any parameters to the cvs cmd when run with the pserver
argument, that can turn on some sort of logging, to show me more about
what is going on?

Is there a way to envoke cvs with the pserver argument outside of the
inetd service, so that I don't need to involve the unix administrator
iin trying cvs in server mode with different arguments?  Has anyone
written a little program that can be told what port to listen on, and
pass a connection onto cvs when it comes in, like inetd does?


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