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Re: Need Initial Help

From: Stuart Cooper
Subject: Re: Need Initial Help
Date: Tue, 16 Aug 2005 17:21:32 +1000

> Hi 
> I am new to CVS, 

You also seem new to email.
Here's a hint: Don't send the same message multiple times in the space
of one minute.
> anyone can help about CVS that
> I have a projects version in seperate directories
> like
> ./c2vcg0
> ./c2vcg1
> ./c2vcg2
> .
> .
> upto
> ./c2vcg12
> I read manuals and postscrip file with install CVS rpm 
> But didnot found a direct method to commit all these
> virson in a CVS repository....

You're mixed up. CVS is a version control system- the fundamental
idea is you put your code under its control and then it manages the
versions for you,
So you only want to add your good stable version (c2vcg12?) to the CVS
and take things from there. Earlier versions you can keep somewhere else for
historical reasons.
> so please care to help me.
> I have one more confusion about that can we move
> CVS repository to another system (same OS) to work ? 
You can, but there'll be a bit of work involved- usually you
set up one of your machines as the dedicated CVS server
and stick with it.


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