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Re: Need Initial Help

From: Sharad Pratap
Subject: Re: Need Initial Help
Date: Tue, 16 Aug 2005 08:27:04 +0100

I installed it in RedHat 8 Linux  using CVS RPM
Julian also asked me
>First, you have to clarify if these are co-existent product versions or
>merely development revisions, only the latest of which needs to be
>regularly accessed: the recommendation would be different.
yes It is merely developement revsions of C2vcg in different directories....
and I want to add them all in CVS repository.
Actually what people do they start a new project at every new
changes they commit back to respective CVS repository, but
Initailly I do not know about CVS so I started c2vcg in 
c2vcg1 directory then after major changed I copied files in new
directoy c2vcg2 for new changes  and so on.....
So I only want to know how I at once commit these all
revisions in different directories (c2vcg1/ , c2vcg2/,   ...., c2vcg11/ )
In a CVS repository..................
I am very sorry by mistake I sent multiple mail.
On 8/16/05, Hridyesh Pant <address@hidden> wrote:
In  which OS you have install cvs server?/



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