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RE: Anyone running CS-RCS or CS-CVS?

From: Arthur Barrett
Subject: RE: Anyone running CS-RCS or CS-CVS?
Date: Thu, 18 Aug 2005 08:20:15 +1000

No previous experience with CS-CVS, but if you are after a CVS Windows
based (GPL - free) solution I can point you to some helpful sites.

May I ask what features it has over CVS or CVSNT (which are both free /
GPL and both have commercial support options)?

I looked on componentsoftware's web site but couldn't work out what the
advantage of CS-CVS was (but that's probably just me).

Since CS-CVS seems fairly windows oriented, here are a few Windows
related CVS links which may help you.

For "Windows Integration" most people use TortoiseCVS (which is also
free) and includes the CVSNT client:

For "Merge" on windows most people use WinMerge (also free - and
integrates with TortoiseCVS):

CVS and CVSNT have basic "history" commands, CVSNT 2.5.02 has a SQL
backend Audit (currently in beta - production in a few days/weeks) but
you can implement that through server side triggers/scripts on either

For web based browsing of the repository there are lots of free choices,
ViewCVS and CVSWEB are probably the most common.  

For using version control in a commercial environment I recommend
integrating with a defect tracking tool like Bugzilla and maybe even
build management too (so when you commit a change to the source it
attempts to compile it in a "standard environment").  CVSNT facilitates
integration with defect tracking with the -b and -B (bug number)
switches, these also let you group changes into "changsets" which I find
very handy.


Arthur Barrett

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Subject: Anyone running CS-RCS or CS-CVS?

My company is considering adoption of CS-RCS Pro and CS-CVS from

Does anyone have any experience with these systems to share?


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