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RE: setup a cvs gateway to other cvs servers

From: Arthur Barrett
Subject: RE: setup a cvs gateway to other cvs servers
Date: Thu, 18 Aug 2005 12:13:16 +1000

Firstly let me say that it's an interesting problem - but both solutions seem counter intuitive to me so I'm probably mis-understanding.
Why dont you use a cluster for load balancing and let the CVS servers write to a common shared disk (SAN not NAS) and let the OS handle the routing?  This is the way I've seen Apache and other web servers handle this sort of complexity in the past.
The only potential hiccup I can see is that if two different servers try and both perform a commit on a repository at the same time you could end up with a deadlock.  CVSNT (free, GPL, linux/unix/mac/windows) has a separate lock server process that would handle that - you'd run 20 cvsnt servers and 1 lock service.
Alternatively you could have multiple read servers and a single write server as described here:
Arthur Barrett
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Sent: 17 August 2005 18:34
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Subject: setup a cvs gateway to other cvs servers

Hello All,
I am wondering if it is possible to setup a secure(via ssh or secure method) cvs gateway that would take you to all other cvs repositories.  Here is what I want to accomplish....
Linux Farm of 20 servers going to 15 CVS repositories requiring opening up the firewall to access the 15 CVS servers.
Instead of going opening up 15 connections to access the 15 CVS servers, I would like to have ONLY 1 server acting as the gateway to all 15 CVS servers that requires 1 connection for CVS downloads.
So if User A wants CVS Alpha, he would access the CVS GATEWAY to reach CVS Alpha.    If User B wants CVS Beta, he would only need to connect to CVS Gateway to reach CVS Beta.  So on...
I do not know a whole lot about CVS, but would like to setup something similar to Oracle Oraname.ora dealing with different databases to retrieve and upload information for a client to use.
Any ideas how I can accomplish this task?

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