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Re: few cvs questions

From: Andy Jones
Subject: Re: few cvs questions
Date: Thu, 18 Aug 2005 13:51:32 +0100

Lots of questions!

Let me see if I can hack off some of the easy ones, and let the more
difficult ones dangle for the experts ::grin::

> a) What is the best time to create branch.

You can easily create a branch for an earlier point in development; so
it doesn't matter.  But, start practising now: make a repository just
for playing with CVS, and practice branching and merging.

> b) If somebody has made some changes to a file and committed that file
> .How to undo the changes made in that file.

You probably don't.  You just make a newer version to replace it.
Say you have a file v1.1 and someone creates a v1.2 that is no good. 
You should book out v1.1 (on the command line that would be cvs update
-p) and use it to create v1.3.

> c) I have created a file passwd in CVSROOT and also created some users
> in that file  like
> raju:xxxx8093939

I think you need to specify a system user to map the user raju to; IOW
you need a third field on the line.

> > d) How can I restrict my users from creating branches,tags and update
> special .

You will need to implement some extra scripts for this; it's not part
of CVS.  Hopefully someone else can pick up that question, plus the
ones about mail notification and viewcvs.


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