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Re: few cvs questions

From: Russ Sherk
Subject: Re: few cvs questions
Date: Thu, 18 Aug 2005 10:16:33 -0400

On 8/18/05, Andy Jones <address@hidden> wrote:
> Lots of questions!
> Let me see if I can hack off some of the easy ones, and let the more
> difficult ones dangle for the experts ::grin::
> > a) What is the best time to create branch.
> You can easily create a branch for an earlier point in development; so
> it doesn't matter.  But, start practising now: make a repository just
> for playing with CVS, and practice branching and merging.
> > b) If somebody has made some changes to a file and committed that file
> > .How to undo the changes made in that file.
> You probably don't.  You just make a newer version to replace it.
> Say you have a file v1.1 and someone creates a v1.2 that is no good.
> You should book out v1.1 (on the command line that would be cvs update
> -p) and use it to create v1.3.
> > c) I have created a file passwd in CVSROOT and also created some users
> > in that file  like
> >
> > raju:xxxx8093939
> I think you need to specify a system user to map the user raju to; IOW
> you need a third field on the line.
> > > d) How can I restrict my users from creating branches,tags and update
> > special .
> You will need to implement some extra scripts for this; it's not part
> of CVS.  Hopefully someone else can pick up that question, plus the
> ones about mail notification and viewcvs.
Or you can search this newsgroup for answers.  It seems to me that all
of these questions have been answered at least once in the past 2
months alone.
> Andy.
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