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Re: "-ko" and binary files...

From: Jim Hyslop
Subject: Re: "-ko" and binary files...
Date: Thu, 18 Aug 2005 11:54:27 -0400
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Timothy Stone wrote:
Environment: Mac OS X Tiger, CVS 1.11.19 on the server, 1.11.18 on the client

Is that Mac OS X on both client and server?

I'm loading some third party source into my project repository. There are .jpgs, .gifs, .jars, etc. All of which I have set as binary in my $CVSROOT/cvswrappers.

However, my binary files always end up as `-ko' not `-kb' when I check there status in immediately on checkout to a sandbox.

Now I have feeling this is because I put the `-ko' switch on my import command:

$ cvs import -ko -I! \
 > -m "loading vendor source" src/vendorsrc vendorsrc REL_2_26

Yes, any options specified on the command line will override the cvswrappers settings.

I think I just need some clarification on the `-ko' switch. Does it supercede `-kb', meaning it's as good, and my binary files are okay?

No. -kb also inhibits line ending translation. See for details.

Actually, you're probably OK if Mac OS X uses UNIX line endings. To be safe, though, use 'cvs admin -kb' to fix the settings, in case someone in the future uses a different client. Make sure you specify only binary files with the cvs admin command.

Also, in future do not specify a -k option with a global import - by specifying -ko, that means all your text (i.e. mergeable) files will always show the wrong keyword expansion (i.e. $Version$).


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