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Re: to stop commit

From: S I
Subject: Re: to stop commit
Date: Thu, 18 Aug 2005 11:48:26 -0700

I found out the best and quickest way for me, especially during a freeze was the use of the 'writers' and 'readers' admin files.

Create a file named, writers under CVSROOT. In it have yourself as the first entry and list other users; the last entry must have an <enter> character:


cvsAdmin user id<enter>
next user<enter>
next user<enter>
next user<enter>
#next user<enter>
#next user<enter>

cvs add, and commit this file. Users listed in this file have full read/write access to CVS, users commented out will NOT have access. This file supercedes 'readers'

I find checking out, modify by commenting & removing #'s, and checking in 'writers' file to be the fastest method. Just don't comment out yourself accidentally.


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Subject: Re: to stop commit
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Parvinder Singh Arora <address@hidden> writes:

> I want to stop the users from doing cvs commits . Anything readily
> available to lock the cvs repository and then unlock it again ?

Two methods exist.

a) Modify your commitinfo and taginfo scripts to disallow all commits
and tagging operations by returning a non-zero return code for all users
other than your administrative users (so that they can commit to remove
the change later).

b) get something like the cvslock program to do this job for you:

I favor #a myself, but it does not necessarily stop 'cvs admin' commands
which may at times be desriable.

        -- Mark
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