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cvs "grouping" feature

From: lists
Subject: cvs "grouping" feature
Date: Fri, 19 Aug 2005 08:14:02 -0700

I recently started using cvs - setting up practice repositories -
updating, commiting etc.  I have found it to be very rodust and
complete.  however, there is one feature that I have seen in other
commercial SCMs that I cannot fgure out how to do in CVS.
How can I "group" files that are spread throught the repositpry to be
committed or rolled back together?
Meaning - if I have to edit a few files to implememnt a particular
change, I want them to be comitted together, but I may be working on 5
different changes at once.  Do I have to remember which files are
involved and commit them together, or is CVS able to keep track of
which files are involved in which change as I'm working on them?  I'm
thinking this can be done by tagging?...


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