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Re: Very odd cvs rm behavior, file not sent to the Attic

From: S I
Subject: Re: Very odd cvs rm behavior, file not sent to the Attic
Date: Sun, 21 Aug 2005 22:25:34 -0700

Just to rule out: I assume as you mentioned, you did manually remove the file in the working folder via the remove command of the operating system and then executed cvs remove, and finally cvs commit. If you execute the 3 steps above and still receive the odd behavior, that means a file by the same name in some form of upper or lower case already exists in the Attic subfolder and you must login directly to the server browse to that specific Attic directory to do some investigation or renaming, stitching, and merging, etc.

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Subject: Re: Very odd cvs rm behavior, file not sent to the Attic
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Sarah Gonzales wrote:
Hello to all!

I'm experiencing some *very* odd behavior when a user attempted to remove a file from a repository and would appreciate some help. User removed a file correctly using cvs rm filename, but when he committed the file, he received a permissions error.

    cvs commit: cannot rename PathToFile/util.h,v to
    PathToFile/Attic/util.h,v: Permission denied


I don't have any suggestions to add to Pierre Asselin's, but I can offer a bit of explanation of what you're seeing.

Moving dead files into the Attic directory is not a requirement for "killing" them, it is simply an optimization to help keep things a little tidier in the repository. CVS should work just fine with the dead file in the current directory.


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