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Re: cleanly replacing the trunk (but keeping one branch)

From: Sergei Organov
Subject: Re: cleanly replacing the trunk (but keeping one branch)
Date: 24 Aug 2005 23:18:01 +0400
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Nikita Tovstoles <address@hidden> writes:

> I have a quick CVS question and am hoping for some
> help. A project of mine currently has a CVS repository
> that contains the main trunk and one branch (created a
> while ago). After I created the branch, I made a few
> new check-ins to the main trunk (thereby forking the
> code), and then, locally, I made *a lot* of changes to
> the code (including moving files around) that I never
> checked into the repository.  What I'd like to do now,
> is to keep the branch as it is, but completely remove
> the trunk and replace it with all the new code that is
> on my laptop at the moment. I've been the only
> commiter so far. How can I do that?

Make a backup copy of your working directory.

1. From your working directory issue

   cvs remove

   that will mark all the files you've removed/renamed as removed.

2. Issue

   cvs update -l

   followed by

   cvs add -m"some comment" FILES

   where FILES are those that are marked as N (new) in the 'cvs update'
   output. Repeat (2) in every subdirectory recursively.

   This will mark all the new files as added. Yes, 'cvs add' is not
   recursive and does require all the files to be specified explicitly :(

3. Return back to the root dir of your working copy. Commit all the

   cvs ci -m"some comment"


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