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Re: Strange update behavior

From: Russ Sherk
Subject: Re: Strange update behavior
Date: Thu, 25 Aug 2005 08:01:03 -0400

On 8/25/05, Christian Schmolzi <address@hidden> wrote:
> Mark D. Baushke wrote:
> >> I have noticed a strange behavior that occured exactly two times in
> >> the last few weeks. I tried to update my sandbox (Sun Solaris, CVS
> >> client 1.12) from a branch to HEAD with "cvs -PAd". Strangely, one
> >> file, that was added
> >
> > I assume you mean 'cvs update -PAd' as the command?
> exactly :-)
> >>
> >> Several update tries with differnt options did not succeed. The only
> >> way to get the file from the repository was by telling cvs
> >> explicitely which file to update ("cvs update -P file.txt"). Another
> >> colleague of me reported this behavoir happened with his windows
> >> client (WinCvs).
> >
> > What does a 'cvs status file.txt' tell you (before and after you do
> > the update)? Does another 'cvs update -PAd' cause file.txt to
> > disappear?
> I can't tell you much about the 'cvs status' output, because after the
> 'cvs update file.txt' I could not reproduce the problem anymore. But if I
> remember correctly, it said 'Nothing known about file.txt', but I am not
> 100% sure. I noticed, that in CVS/Entries there was no entry for that
> file, but as that file did not exist in the branch that was checked out
> before I think that was ok.
It is possible that the file.txt is not on the same branch as the
other files.  One way to check this (I think this is what Mark meant)
is to do a 'cvs stat file.txt' and 'cvs stat anotherFile.txt'.  This
way you can see if they are on the same branch (or main trunk).

If the file is not on the same branch as the rest of your code, a
clean checkout will still not retrieve file.txt.  Does the file exist
when you do a clean checkout?

> Another 'cvs update -PAd' left file.txt unchanged.
> >
> > You don't happen to have both a file.txt directory and a file.txt,v
> > file in your repository do you? (Although I would have expected you to
> > have run across a 'file.txt already exists but is not a directory'
> > kind of error message in that case).
> No, there was only the file.txt,v in the repository
> Thanks for your answer,
> Chris
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