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Re: What means the Version Numbers in CVS

From: Sergei Organov
Subject: Re: What means the Version Numbers in CVS
Date: 25 Aug 2005 20:53:19 +0400
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"Rafael Silva" <address@hidden> writes:

> Hi,
>       I'd like know about how CVS works with the Version Numbers. May
>       I use the Version Numbers that is given by CVS for my personal
>       project? Let's think if a make a program with version 1.0
>       (sugested by me), but the files of the projects are 1.1, 1.4,
>       1.7,, or The numbers of the versions in
>       the files may influence in my project version? If not, how may I
>       control the version of my project? And how all of this versions
>       work? With tag? May someone explain me this, I'm being "crazy"
>       with this! I spent a lot of time searching about this, but
>       I'dont understand so much!

Once again, forget about CVS revision numbers! They aren't for you.

When you think you are ready to release your version 1.0, tag the entire
project using:

cvs tag version-1-0

command in your working directory containing no local changes with
respect to the repository.

When later you need to checkout sources of version 1.0 of your program,

cvs checkout -r version-1-0 project_name

It's that easy, -- just stop thinking about CVS revision numbers that
have absolutely nothing to do with your program version(s).


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