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Re: Strange update behavior

From: Christian Schmolzi
Subject: Re: Strange update behavior
Date: Thu, 25 Aug 2005 22:44:02 +0200
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Russ Sherk schrieb:

>> I can't tell you much about the 'cvs status' output, because after the
>> 'cvs update file.txt' I could not reproduce the problem anymore. But if I
>> remember correctly, it said 'Nothing known about file.txt', but I am not
>> 100% sure. I noticed, that in CVS/Entries there was no entry for that
>> file, but as that file did not exist in the branch that was checked out
>> before I think that was ok.

> It is possible that the file.txt is not on the same branch as the
> other files.  One way to check this (I think this is what Mark meant)
> is to do a 'cvs stat file.txt' and 'cvs stat anotherFile.txt'.  This
> way you can see if they are on the same branch (or main trunk).

It was not on the branch that was checked out before, but I tried to update
to HEAD. I am sure of this, because we had another sandbox with HEAD where
the file existed. 

After the first try 'cvs update -PAd' all files in the directory were
updated to HEAD but file.txt was not retrieved from the repository.  This
happened only after a 'cvs update -PA file.txt'

> If the file is not on the same branch as the rest of your code, a
> clean checkout will still not retrieve file.txt.  Does the file exist
> when you do a clean checkout?

Maybe I don't understand your point. When I do an update to HEAD for a
directory (I even did it for the whole directory tree), then all files in
that tree should be on the same branch (i.e. HEAD). Interestingly, other
files that were added after the branch that was checked out before were
correctly retrieved. All but this one.

I think I should have made a backup of the sandbox and the repository at
this point... :-(


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