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Re: Moving Release to Branch

From: mail4newsgroups
Subject: Re: Moving Release to Branch
Date: 25 Aug 2005 14:02:45 -0700
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Hi Michael,

I think you are getting that error because you specifically checked out
from a tag, which is sticky -- meaning you can not commit on it. Say,
you had a tag applied 6 months ago (which is probably not that long for
you) and then you do:

cvs co -r rel_1_1

Back then, was at version 1.3 but now it is at version
1.6 in the trunk. If you check out from a tag (again, sticky) it
specifically means that you can not commit ( version 1.4 is taken :-)
and 1.7 does not sit well in the current configuration perpahs. )

So checking out from a tag as in your case gives you that error you are

What you need to do though, is using that tag, crate a branch. Then you
are home free.

cvs -b -r rel_1_1 rel_1_1-branch proj_name

cvs co -r rel_1_1-branch
edit file
cvs ci


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