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How can I specify email address for

From: Xavier MOGHRABI
Subject: How can I specify email address for
Date: Fri, 26 Aug 2005 09:32:07 +0200
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I'd like to use the scripts and for ObjectWeb 
project using CVS to send mails to a mailing list. I don't understand how to 
configure them well. Could you please help me to do this ?

In fact, we are using CVS 1.12.9 included in Debian Sarge. I'm already tested 
other scripts but they didn't work well with the last format of message. I've 
downloaded the scripts from the package of CVS 1.12.10.

So I've installed the scripts on CVSROOT on a project. I've changed the 
constant to use the new info format string, to emulate local users.

I've put in CVSROOT/commitinfo :

And in CVSROOT/loginfo :

However I don't understand how I can specify the email where the message is 
sent. Could you please tell me this ?

I seems that the email comes from the line : 
    push(@mlist_list, &read_file_lines("$MLIST_FILE.$i.$id.$cvs_user"));
And $MLIST_FILE.$i.$id.$cvs_user is the file : 

I don't understand how this file is generated. I had a look at 
and it is :

$TMPDIR        = $ENV{'TMPDIR'} || '/tmp';
$FILE_PREFIX   = '#cvs.';
if ($ARGV[0] eq '-u') {
  shift @ARGV;
  $CVS_USERNAME = shift (@ARGV);
sub write_line {
    my ($filename, $line) = @_;

    open(FILE, ">$filename") || die("Cannot open $filename: $!\n");
    print(FILE $line, "\n");
$id = getpgrp();
&write_line("$LAST_FILE.$id.$CVS_USERNAME", $ARGV[0]);

There is no mention of that file.

Regards and thank you for your help.
Xavier MOGHRABI - Consortium ObjectWeb
Email: xavier.moghrabi at
Phone: +33 4 76 61 52 35 - Skype ID: xavier.moghrabi.bureau

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