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Re: Unable to release - why?

From: Doug Lee
Subject: Re: Unable to release - why?
Date: Fri, 26 Aug 2005 10:31:31 -0400
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On Thu, Aug 25, 2005 at 12:27:11PM -0400, Doug Lee wrote:
>On Thu, Aug 25, 2005 at 11:59:14AM -0400, Larry Jones wrote:
>> Doug Lee writes:
>> > 
>> > I tried with and without the second -d, but the result was always the
>> > same:  "cvs release: unable to release `proj'."
>> Were there any other messages?  The first thing release does is to run
>> update to find out if there are any modified files in the directory. 
>> That message indicates that the update exited with a failure status
>> (which shouldn't happen).
>No other messages, and cvs update works, even when I do it from the
>directory above the top level (as with release):
>cvs -d /cygdrive/f/cvsr update proj
>I even tried releasing a specific directory in the checkout:
>cd proj
>cvs release [-d] dir1
>but I got the same message.  I also tried setting the CVSROOT
>environment variable (it's usually not set) to make sure I didn't typo
>something.  No problem there either.

More news:  I finally thought to run `cvs -t release proj' with the
following results:

 -> main loop with CVSROOT=/cygdrive/f/cvsr
 -> run_popen(cvs -n -q -d /cygdrive/f/cvsr update,r)
cvs release: unable to release `proj'
 -> Lock_Cleanup()

 So now I suspect popen problems, problems popping a shell, etc.
 Other cvs commands work fine.  I can run shells and subcommands from
 within vim though.  I've now tried `cvs release' commands from both
 tcsh and bash; no luck.

 Requoting my (corrected) initial description below in case it elps.

>I just checked out a large collection of files with a command like
>cvs -d /cygdrive/f/cvsr proj
>then tagged the whole thing (and figured out I didn't need to check it
>out in the first place) like this
>cvs -d /cygdrive/f/cvsr rtag tag1 proj
>then moved one tag manually
>cd proj/dir1
>cvs tag -F tag1 file1.txt
>All this worked.  Then I tried to release the checkout:
>cd ../..
>cvs -d /cygdrive/f/cvsr release -d proj
>I tried with and without the second -d, but the result was always the
>same:  "cvs release: unable to release `proj'."
>This is CVS 1.11.17 (client-server) as came with a very recent full
>installation of Cygwin.  I run it under Cygwin (tcsh) on Windows XP
>Pro with the latest service packs and critical updates.  Drive F is a
>thumb drive.  The CVSROOT/history file does show an O record for my
>checkout, and it has 644 perms and is owned by me.
>Anyone know why I can't release?
>Thanks much.

Doug Lee           address@hidden
BART Group         address@hidden
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chain letter and a shouting match."  -Andrew Kantor

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